Useful Links and Contacts

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For any other needs, you can turn to :

Legal advice and rights of foreigners in France

Info Migrants, an anonymous and free legal information hotline specialising in foreigners’ legislation. ISM Interprétariat Service.
On 01 53 26 52 82 (anonymous and free, available Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm).



Gisti, information on asylum procedure (in French, Arabic, Pashto, English, Dari, Urdu, Oromo and Tigrinya).

Dom’Asile Info, a general information platform dedicated to people applying for asylum in France (in French, English, Urdu, Arabic, Bengali and Russian).

Refugies Info, information for persons granted refugee status or subsidiary protection (in English, French, Arabic, Pashto, Tigrinya and Russian).

Soliguide, digital guide to finding places where you can get help geolocated on a map. Practical information (address, times, public concerned), in Paris, Bordeaux and Nantes.

Guide Watizat, access to information for exiled persons and multilingual guide (English, French, Arabic and Pashto) updated and printed monthly.

Foreigners’ rights

General associations

ARDHIS – Association for the Recognition of the Immigration and Residence Rights of Homosexual and Transgender Persons.

Anafé – National association for border assistance for foreigners: legal and humanitarian aid for foreigners in difficulty at French borders.

La Cimade is an association for active solidarity with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

La FASTI fights for the rights of migrant persons.

Le GISTI (Immigrant Information and Support Group) is an association specialising in foreigners rights.

La Ligue des droits de l’homme (League for Human Rights) defends all rights, whether individual and collective, civil, political or social.

Le MRAP (Movement against racism and for friendship between peoples).

Associations for asylum seekers

L’ACAT (Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture) operates particularly in prisons and for the right of asylum.

Amnesty International France advises and assists people in their asylum procedure.

Le CEDRE : centre for mutual aid for refugees and emigrants of the Secours Catholique (Catholic rescue association).

Forum réfugiés-Cosi is an association that deals with refugee reception, defends the right of asylum and promotes the rule of law.

Health & social rights

L’ASSFAM : a specialised social service designed to facilitate the integration of migrants and contribute to their integration with a view to helping them advance in French society.

Le CATRED CATRED fights for the recognition of immigrants’ rights, in terms of social protection and the right to residence for retired, disabled, and persons disabled or injured at work, as well as for their families.

Le Comede works to promote the health and integration of exiled persons in France.

French Mission of Médecins du Monde : healthcare centres offering socio-medical support, but also mobile facilities to reach out to the most excluded people.

Médecins Sans Frontières : (Doctors without Borders): medical and psychological care and social support.

Association Primo Levi, care and support for victims of torture and political violence.

Family rights

APAERK – Association of Adoptive Parents of Children Collected by Kafala

Women’s rights

ADSF (Action for women’s health) is an association of volunteers who use their skills to improve women’s health around the world.

CNIDFF – National Information and Documentation Centre for Women and Families: information and assistance for women who are victims of abuse, seeking employment and legal advice.

La Fédération Nationale Solidarité Femmes (National Federation for Solidarity with Women) is a network of feminist associations committed to the fight against all forms of abuse against women, particularly those occurring within the couple or within the family.

La Fédération nationale GAMS is committed to combating all forms of abuse against women and girls, particularly female genital mutilation, forced and/or early marriage, and other traditional practices harmful to the health of women and girls.

Le RAJFIRE, Network for the Autonomy of Immigrant and Refugee Women, is a feminist collective that fights for the rights of foreign women, female immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

Voix de Femmes Association welcomes, listens to, supports and assists girls, and also boys, facing forced marriage, so-called honour killings and any other abuse related to human trafficking.

human trafficking.

L’Amicale du Nid offers women and men at risk, who have experienced or currently in a situation of prostitution, support towards alternative choices.

CCEM – Committee Against Modern Slavery helps victims of domestic slavery and forced labour in France.

Institutional sites

Service public, the official website of the French administration.

Légifrance,the public service for the dissemination of law.

Le Défenseur des Droits : (Defender of Rights): enforcing your rights.

Interior Ministry , general secretariat for immigration and integration.

Map of France’s prefectures (website of the Interior Ministry).

Ministry of Foreign Affairs – International adoption, living abroad, entering France.

OFPRA – French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons.

OFII – French Office for Immigration and Integration.

Departmental centres for access to the law (site of the Ministry of Justice) which gives information on justice and law offices, points of access to the law and local offices for access to the law.

DIRECCTE and DIECCTE portal, , regional directorates of companies, competition, consumption, labour and employment.

EUR-Lex : access to European Union law.

Santé publique France, health prevention portal for migrants in France.