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The translation ordered is entrusted to a professional translator working in his or her native language and in his or her field of specialisation. The translator assigned to carry out a translation is required to comply with the instructions communicated by the project manager and to comply with the client’s wishes regarding the terminology to be used.

– Translation of free-text documents into editable format.
– Type of documents translated (translation of institutional documents, activity reports, models, website content, editorials, PowerPoint presentations, brochures, leaflets, booklets, newsletters, etc.).
– Delivery format (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc., according to the client’s wishes).
– Respecting the layout.


Sworn translations

Sworn translations are carried out by expert legal , translators, a qualification assigned to them by a Court of Appeal. More than half of ISM translators are sworn in before a French Court of Appeal.

Sworn translations are particularly required to complete an administrative file for French institutions (Social Security, Prefecture, etc.).

In addition, the coordination team has in-depth knowledge of the administrative system and procedures and can provide guidance and support…

Types of documents translated :
Legal documents : court decisions, minutes, orders, criminal records, employment contracts, etc.
Administrative documents : civil status records, driving licences, diplomas, passport excerpts, etc.

Delivery format: translation from the originals or from a copy of the originals depending on the procedure; delivery by email and by post.

Simple translations

Simple translations of free-text documents delivered in the requested format translated from foreign languages into French and vice versa

Certified translations

Certified translations certified by ISM as part of the system established in Article L111-8 of the French Code for Entry and Residence of Foreign Persons and the Right of Asylum (CESEDA).


Proofreading and editing

The proofreading phase comes after the revision phase, making it possible to make any final edits as necessary. Our department verifies the formatting and coordinates the two translated versions (translation then revision), ensuring compliance with the linguistic, terminological and technical quality criteria established beforehand.

Proofreading after formatting
Following delivery of the translation, the translators and proofreaders can be called upon again to proofread and edit the translation after the text has been formatted. They check the formatted text by comparing it with the original translation in order to identify any typos and transposition issues. They also check the layout to ensure that it is in line with the conventions of the target language.


ISM Traduction offers additional services including transcribing and translating audio and video documents into text format.

Our Department can provide a text version of the audio document in the source language as well as a translation in the target language from the transcribed document.

The transcription and the translation can be translated sentence by sentence with a time count to identify moments of speech, or by kilobyte, depending on preferences.


We also offer translation revision, which is carried out by a second professional translator of the same speciality and mother tongue. The reviser is responsible for verifying that the content in the target language is consistent with the client’s request and subject matter. He or she checks the accuracy and fluency of the translated text. Under no circumstances should the translation seem to be word-for-word. He or she also verifies elements of grammar, syntax and spelling.